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As part of the governments stimulus packages to schools, St Kilda Park Primary (aka: SKPPS) obtained funding to roof over it’s large external assembly area. The motivation was two folded: one, to enable school assemblies and concerts to take place regardless of rain, and two, to provide a large external area that is shaded from the sun on hot days.

The outdoor space that was to be roofed is between the 19th century historic school buildings and the 1970’s additions. The new roof had to compliment the older 19th century buildings and add some life to the more recent school buildings which are not very inspiring for the students. We proposed a retractable roof (controlled by a remote control) so as to allow for maximum flexibility of the space, allowing the area to remain open to the sky, or partly open if required.

The steelwork is painted in the St Kilda football team colours, to give the children a sense of their locality. When the roof is retracted, the whole structure appears to be red white and black. When the roof is closed the colour palette extends like a rainbow. The coloured material roof is striped like a giant beach towel, or deck chair, in a fairly optical manner, one colour morphing into the next.

skipps shade structure

Nervegna Reed and Grant Amon Architects

Photos: Sonia Mangiapane