nervegna reed » awards

  • Architeam Awards 2015 – Winner - Unbuilt -
    (Power Street Loop Competition – Nervegna Reed Architecture)
  • AIA Victorian Chapter Awards 2014 – Commendation -
    Colorbond Steel Architecture Award (Arrow Studio – PHTR Architects – Design Architect Toby Reed)
  • AIA Victorian Chapter Awards 2014 – Winner -
    Bates Smart Media Award – (Nervegna Reed Architecture - Director Toby Reed)
  • AIA Victorian Chapter Awards 2013 – Shortlist -
    Sustainability Award (Precinct Energy Project – PHTR Architects – Design architect Toby Reed)
  • Architeam Awards 2011 – Winner - Small Built Project –
    (St Kilda Park Primary Shade structure - Nervegna Reed Architecture + Grant Amon)
  • Architeam Awards 2011 – Winner - Large Built Project –
    (The White House - Nervegna Reed Architecture + ph Architects)
  • AIA Victorian Chapter Awards 2010 – Winner -
    Small Project Architecture – (St Kilda Park Primary Shade structure - Nervegna Reed Architecture + Grant Amon)

publications » media » selected

  • Practical Poetics in Architecture. Leon van Schaik (book) “Arrow” and “Precinct Energy Project”, Wiley AD UK, 2015
  • Nanotecture. The Arrow. Phaidon, UK 2015
  • The Corporate Image In Architecture. Precinct Energy Project. Tianjin Ifengspace Culture and Media Co, China 2015
  • Grey Room “Leaving Las Vegas, Again” Andrew Leach, MIT Press, USA, 2015
  • The Australian “Learning to Live Well Off The Grid” Geoff Hiscock September 3, 2014
  • Architect Australia “At The Limits of Not” Callum Morton and Nigel Bertram pp.59-62, July-August 2014
  • Architect Australia “Interview With Toby Reed” Nigel Bertram pp.66-73, July-August 2014
  • Dezeen “Small arrow Shaped art Gallery Installed in an Australian Garden” (Interview / story).
  • Architect Victoria “Colorbond Award For steel architecture” and “Bates Smart Award For architecture In The Media” pp.99-103, Winter 2014
  • The Age: “Arrow Design At The Pointy End Of Architecture” Clay Lucas P.8, 12.04.2014 (newspaper)
  • Architect Victoria “Slice: PEP” Brett Seakins P.34-35 Autumn 2014 (magazine)
  • The Age: Spectrum “Loud and House Proud” Ray Edgar P.17 12.04.2014 (newspaper)
  • The Age: Spectrum “Betting On Our Identity” Ray Edgar P.27 12.04.2014 (newspaper)
  • Architecture Australia “Arrow” Leon van Schaik (March 2014), also published in Australian Design Review
  • Landscape Architecture Australia “Revitalising Central Dandenong” pp.34 LAA#141, also published in Australian Design Review
  • A+A Magazine (Interview and article) “White Scenery: Precinct Energy Project” pp. 20-25 (Architectural Society of China)
  • Ideograms (book and Melbourne Now exhibition NGV) Leon Van Schaik “Toby Reed” (Precinct Energy project) Lyon Housemuseum Publishing
  • Architectural Review Asia Pacific “Precinct Energy Project”, Leon Van Schaik, pp 84-90, AR131 Spring 2013 also published in Australian Design Review
  • Architectural Façades (book)“Precinct Energy Project” (Hong Kong Polytechnic, Liaoning Science and Technology Publishing) Preface by Toby Reed
  • The architects, 3RRR Radio show, Interview
  • Architect Victoria “Peter Corrigan: Cities of Hope” Review Larry Cirillo p. 29-31 Winter 2013
  • Architecture AU “Peter Corrigan: Cities of Hope” Review Norman Day
  • The Age “Peter Corrigan: Cities of Hope” Ray Edgar (Newspaper)
  • RMIT Gallery “Peter Corrigan: Cities of Hope” (Catalogue) 2013
  • Visual White House James R Henderson 2012 Thirtyfifteen Los Angeles (magazine)
  • 21st Centuray Houses “The White House Prahran” pp 2-5 (book)
  • Casa Trend “The White House Prahran” pp 54-63, Italy (magazine) July August 2011
  • Modern Lux Housing “The White House Prahran” pp 95-99 (book) Sandu Publishing
  • Arq & Design “Architetura Sem Fronteiras” Sofia Pires (Interview and article) pp 22-32 (cover), edicao 2, 2011, JPJ Editora Portugal (magazine)
  • Architectural Review Australia “Free Form” Leon Van Schaik pp 64-69, issue 118 2010/2011, Niche Media (magazine)
  • Monument “Shade Structure St Kilda Park Primary School” pp 106-107 Issue 101, 2011 (magazine)
  • 55 Hot Designers / 55 In Fifty Five “The White House”, pp 252-257 2011, A&C Publishing Group Korea (book)
  • The Age: Domain “Thoughtful design a work of art” Kerrie O’Brien 19.02.2011 (newspaper)
  • The Melbourne Weekly “Designs With A Difference” Liam Carter (newspaper)
  • The Sunday Age “Home For An Artful Lodger” Ann Pilmer 27.07.2010 (Newspaper)
  • Inspire 2010 Australian National architecture Awards 2010, “Award for Small Project Architecture Victoria, SKIPPS Shade Structure” pp 65 (book)
  • Architecture Australia 2010 State Awards pp 42 (pic) Vol 99 #4 July August 2010 (magazine)
  • Architect Victoria “Award For Small Project Architecture” pp 62 – 63, AIA (magazine)
  • Mix “Folding Concrete, Oscar Neimeyer – That Man From Rio”, Toby Reed, Vol 10, 2002
  • Monument “Working Drawing House” Leon van Schaik issue 38, 2000 (magazine)
  • Architecture Australia “Leonardi Brandhouse – Elenberg Fraser” Toby Reed + Anna Nervegna 1999
  • Film Criticism “The Six-Gun Simulacrum” Toby Reed University of Pennsylvania Press 1996
  • Transition “Interview With William Gibson” Toby Reed + Anna Nervegna #47 (magazine)
  • Backlogue “Working Drawing House” Backlogue
  • Transition “Morph And The Simulacrum” Toby Reed #44-45 pp156 – 158
  • La Trobe University “The Six-Gun Simulacrum” Toby Reed La Trobe University 1992

web » selected

Toby Reed and Anna Nervegna have gained wide international exposure in architectural and cultural web-zines, including the Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture, The Australian Design Review, ArchitectureAU, Arch Daily and Dezeen.

exhibitions » selected

University of Westminster, London - Practical Poetics (2015)

Shanghai Art Fair Roland Snooks Exhibit (2015)

RMIT Design Hub Practical Poetics (2015)

RMIT Design Hub The Future Is Here (2014)

RMIT Design Hub Las Vegas Studio (2014)

RMIT Gallery Peter Corrigan Cities of Hope (2013)

National Gallery of Victoria - Melbourne Now (Ideograms Exhibit)

Melbourne Festival Joyride (2003)

Singapore Festival Joyride (2003)

Melbourne Festival Microwave Nights (2000)