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The NR entry to the Brookes Jetty competition explores the idea of the jetty as a folly as liquid inspired form. The jetty was designed by pouring liquid onto a surface and filming the drips. The photo of the splattered paint was imported into a 3D program, mirrored like a Rorschach then curved around to form a sun shelter. The folly is a porous space which acts as a lens through which to experience Port Philip Bay in a new meaningful and unprecedented way. The Splatter Jetty would help create unexpected visual and physical relationships with the water’s surface. The splatter form will also work like a giant inkblot within the urban environment which Leonardo da Vinci and Alberti first analysed as a form of free association or guessing game which people love to play. The roof would provide abstract dappled shade from the sun.

splatter jetty

Splatter Jetty
Brookes Jetty Competition
St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia
Nervegna Reed Architecture