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muma adr19

ADR 19 Exhibit, MUMA (Monash University Museum of Art), 2019

The exhibition was intended as a survey of a selection of NR’s architectural video output to be exhibited at the ADR19 conference in 2019. The survey took the form of a spatial video installation that not only showed the videos themselves but also created an experiential space using videos as the building blocks.

Nervegna Reed use video to compliment an expanded architecture practice. Video is used in a few ways: as documentary, to produce a visual dialogue about architecture, as an exploration into spatiality and image, as installations that explore the relation between image and spatiality and as a type of sketching device to produce new ideas for architectural works.

Nervegna Reed Films exhibited:
63 Minutes at the NGV (1995)
Derrida Signature Event (1998)
Architecture at 25 Frames Per Second (1998)
Microwave Nights (2000)
Dr Caligari Moves to the Suburbs – The Architecture of Edmond and Corrigan (2013)
John Wardle and Nader Tehrani (2013)
Las Vegas Studio: Melbourne (2014)
The Future is Here – Roland Snooks (2015)
Future Happiness (2016)
Peter + Dione McIntyre (2018)
Vanishing Point (2019)
Splatter Pavilion (2016)